House Of God's Power Ministries

                                 Our Ministerial Staff

       The ministerial staff for House of God's Power are Chief Editor "Host" Holy Spirit, Co-Host Pastor Chaplain Fran, Co-Host Saraih Nieves, and our Executive Assistant Ramel Desiree. 

Ministerial staff Marco Orive, from Yonkers New York and Saraih Nieves both focus on issues our Youth face today, especially in identify their career goals and preferred school to attend. Minister Ramel provides suggestions on how to survive high school and graduate with a focus on their career goals on BTR. Dr. Leticia Nunez aka Anointed hands provides @ BTR an opportunity for listeners to understand the importance of nutrition, health and neurofeedback gives suggestions and instructions. Overall the House of Gods Power Ministry is growing.  We have several documentaries on Human Trafficking and Suicide Prevention films and dramas concentrating on Intervention and Awareness.  Anyone in the NYC area or South, Florida who are interested in acting, performing, Choreograph please email us or call 646 702-3633eBpYgpF1bqQ