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Frances Cobian is Founder and Senior Pastor of House of God’s Power, Walking in New York City, North and South Florida as a Service Provider, Prophet, Advocate and Pastor.  

Pastor Frances operates in the five fold gifts of the Spirit preaching and teaching the Word of God.  She challenges and motivates the Body of Christ to stay Focus, Faithful and always follow-up on God’s word as a way to persevere through life trials, and maintain Victorious.  She believes “We can do all things through Christ who is in us”.  Her life verse is John 14:12 “greater miracles we will do because Jesus is sitting at the right hand of the father” and it is His promise.  As an anointed and powerful minister of the gospel, she delivers the Word with the power and authority of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Frances is a Chaplain, Clown, Comedian, Musical Engineer, Composer, Author, Social Service Expert, Para Legal, Seamstress and most important a faithful servant of God.

Ordain as Missionary Assembly of God, Bronx New York and United Chaplain of the State of New York.

Ordain with The National Florida Theological Academy

In the secular world Pastor Frances Cobian worked in Rehabilitation Centers, Board of Education, Community Organization, Police Departments, the Federal Prison, Administration For Children Services, Human Resources, Office of Domestic Violence and Intervention, Learning and Counseling Centers. Canvasser for Senator Klien of New York City. Fund Raiser, Proposal and Grant Writer. 

In effective Pastor Fran, has acknowledge in the increasingly competitive world of foundation fundraising, it's essential to cultivate meaningful professional relationships with grant makers in order to stand out from the crowd.

HOGP promuligates:

The do's and don't of applying for grants and connecting with foundations

How to cultivate grantmaker relationships before; during and after you submit a proposal and or grant.

Strategies and best practices for effective communication with funders


In effect, the process in the finding the right foundations starts with effective strategic planning and hiring HOGP, as your "Prospect Researchers" ME, who will have a radar in identifying funds and opportunities available for your particular need, goals and objective. "Grant Writer " who will be more than diligent in putting together all component of application for grant and or writing the grant.  Lastly and most importantly a "Follow-up Team" to maintain foundation relationship. 

                         Our contract  for consulting services, which can includes (upon payment) the following sub-categories: management, prospect researcher, grant writer and project coordinator. 

We provide consulting services, facilitation services, identification of grants/foundations and project management services, proposal writing, fundraising and business services (e.g., grant application, program financial advisor services, transaction specialist services, due diligence & support services, servicing & asset management services, professional services, financial & performance services, complementary services, activities for financial management services, business information services), planning services & documentation, compliance services, advisory services, geographic information systems (GIS) services, remediation services and web design or update (professionalize).


                             Interested in Grants and or Foundation Money

STEP I         MANAGEMENT (Initial Consultation):

Review project, budget, organizational capacity and recommendations.



Grant research: Independent, company -sponsored, operating, direct corporate giving programs, grant making public charities and celebrities. Fundraising services (IDENTIFYING FUNDS/GRANTS): funds in your area of interest and the population you serve, funds in your geographic region, and provide the type of support you need



Grant Writer: Meet deadlines, plan/prioritize proposal requirements, creative initial contact, cultivation of Foundation, submission of proposal.


Project coordinator: Establish relation with Prospects and Suspected Foundations. cultivate relationships, updates, progress reports, organizational networking, 



                                     HOGP available for:

                                                      Conference & Retreat Speaker

                                                           Leadership Training

                                                            Pastoral / Ministers

·                                                            Prophetic Ministry

·                                                            Outreach Training

                                            Spiritual Warfare/ Deliverance 

·                                                         Family / Relationship

                                                   Human Trafficking/Modern Day Slavery 

·                                          Domestic Violence and Intervention/Foster Care

                                                         Christian Entertainment

                                                Clown and Comedy Ministry Training

                                                          Pantomimes Workshops

                                                        Praise Dance Workshops