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                                               Pastor Frances Cobian

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The House of God's Power Inc,.(HOGP), is primarily focused on Intervention, prevention and awareness against suicide, bullying, prescriptions drug abuse, mental illness, school drop-outs, family crisis and terroism.  

 WE, as believers, leaders, law enforcement are also commanded to go into the prisons, but not all believers obey and honor Abba Father with His teaching in: "Matthew 25:36  I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me." 

In our ministry we advocate, court watch, assist with legal research and support as spiritual advisers in court hearings. When invited or asked to go to a family in crisis we  have trained loving volunteers who 99% families welcome and appreciate. 

  We investigate allegations against  Community Service Agencies, Schools,  Prisons, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Court Hearings, and assist with unification of families.  

HOGP supports and network for formerly incarcerated individuals and advocates for criminal justice reform. Brian L. Rowe is our signature case and face, where he has a sentence of 30 years for a non-violent crime 

Our research show that the ACLU's report, A Living Death, chronicles the thousands of lives ruined and families destroyed by the modern phenomenon of sentencing people to die behind bars for non-violent offences. It notes that contrary to the expectation that such a harsh penalty would be meted out only to the most serious offenders, people have been caught in this brutal trap for sometimes the most petty causes.  Overall, the ACLU has calculated that taxpayers pay an additional $1.8 to keep the prisoners locked up for the rest of their lives.


In closing, we look forward to providing service to ALL WHO WANT TO BE HAPPY AND NOT SAD. I will personally call you in the next couple of days.  Have a great productive day, stress free and happy great services are on their way. 



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